More about Alex

Alexandra Vaporidis is a school counselor and private practice therapist working with young people, families, couples and individuals who are committed to working on themselves, healing the past, and transforming their lives. She especially focuses on life transitions, grief, trauma and crisis.

Alex worked as a school counsellor for 12 years in Ethiopia and in Kenya. She worked with schools to develop sustainable counselling departments, creating peer counselling programmes, supporting students in career counselling, and creating seminars and workshops for parents and teachers.

Alex has now had eight years of private practice, supporting young people, families, survivors of Westgate and Dusit terrorist attacks, working through periods of transitions, depression, anxiety and stress. Alex runs monthly workshops on shadow work, mother wound and constellations. Alex is also a certified NLP practitioner and master practitioner, and has previously worked with corporates in India, running wellbeing seminars.

Alex’s methods and tools include:

Counselling (family and relationship therapy)

Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP)

Family Constellations/ Systemic Work

Shadow Work

Genetic Brain Profiling

Quantum Breathing