Shadow Workshop

Out of the darkness

Do you remember Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Dr. Jekyll was a respectable gentleman (the “good,” conscious side of the personality) his darker impulses named Mr. Hyde (the personal shadow).

A full day workshop on the shadow self, we spend the day bringing out the shadow personality out of each participant creating awareness, shifts and integration. We incorporate tools such as sound bath, quantum breathwork, dynamic dance and lots more to create a space that is ideal for shadow work.

The shadow isn’t a popular topic !

Who enjoys owning their flaws, weaknesses, selfishness, nastiness,
hate, and so on? Focusing on our strengths is more enjoyable and life-affirming.

Exploring the shadow, however, gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and development.

Whatever qualities we deny in ourselves, we see in others.

In psychology, this is called projection. We project onto others anything we bury within us.

We project Our Darkness in Others

5 benefits of shadow work

Improved Relationships

Clearer Perception

Enhanced Energy and Physical Health

Psychological Integration and Maturity

Greater Creativity

FAQ Shadow Workshop

What is the concept of shadow?

Shadow as explained by Carl Jung is aspects of our personality we choose to reject and repress- parts of ourselves we dont like or that we believe society does not accept. the ‘BAD’ parts of our personality, the wicked, judged, evil, mean, unacceptable parts of who we are but hide deep in our subconsciousness. (check out the documentary on Youtube called the Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford)

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is the facilitated process of exploring your shadows, working with them to bring them into the light- into your awareness and to fully accept them as a part of you that wants to be seen and acknowledged and intergrated. the Work is mainly bringing you from the dark on your unknown subconscious, into the conscious mind- and then the real work is integration (processing, healing, further deeper exploration of self).

What do you do in a shadow workshop exactly?

We start of with a pre- session a day or two before the workshop to coach you into identifying your current and most prominent shadow. the workshop day entails a solid foundation and introduction on the theory of shadow work. we then spending a good portion of the day getting in touch with this rejected part of yourself- bringing it into the spotlight of our awareness, and especially bringing it fully into the body where we can feel it and explore further. to do this we use several methods involving movement,breathing, guided meditation and sound healing, as well as tools and techniques of family constellations. the rest of the day is spent integrating all that has been discovered. we using coaching and counselling methods to guide you into your life, a friendship/partnership with your shadow. This can involve healing parts of your childhood that you have been holding on to, provoking you into action, change and acceptance, and so much more.

Does shadow work involve any black magic or voodoo?

ABSOLUTELY………….NOT! The concept of shadow- ‘working with the dark side of personality’ can sound very grim and scary but it really is the perception of the mind that makes it so. We work with the dark side because without night how could you ever really know day? You are living on side of the story, and so how can you ever really know who you are by keeping a whole other side locked away?
If you judge pedophiles and rapists, then surely there is something in their personality that is screaming out to you to acknowledge and uncover? It is like saying all I want in life is to be a saint, but in order to do so, you must fully explore the personality of a sinner (before the sinner in you takes over completely and does things you would never ‘normally’ do).
So to answer the question once again, we are working with the forces and the nature of personality that are perceived as good and bad, right versus wrong, we do not use any voodoo, only the voodoo (fear, judgment) that is in each persons mind.

What will I gain out of working with my Shadow?

so much, here are five to name a few:

  • improved relationships (by becoming a more grounded, whole person)
  • clearer perception (more realistic assessment of who you are)
  • enhanced energy and physical health (liberating a tremendous reservoir of energy that was busy unconsciously protecting yourself)
  • psychological integration and maturity-greater creativity
Does everybody have a shadow side?

Yes indeed, as much as we are all striving for wholeness and deeper understanding of self, there are parts of ourselves that we rejected because of our circumstances, our society and culture, and our religions. 

What are the limitations of shadow?
  • it drains our time and energy- we do not feel free to be all of who we are(pretending to be someone you are not)
  • we are so busy protecting ourselves that we dont have time to create and foster brilliant creative ideas
  • busy putting out fires- moments of total loss of control (when we are at our most vulnerable, the shadow takes over) 
  • we spend a lot of time judging others- fueling negativity
  • not able to access the gifts of both sides of personality trait
  • to be fully one side of you means getting to know the other extreme side

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