How I Work

How I Work

If you are interested in working with me, please schedule a phone consultation first. How does this consultation go? Actually the first consultation is all about you and your sharing of experiences and events that brought you to me.

I may ask some questions that help me get to know you and the nature of your issues. I really spend a lot of time here, giving you all the space to literally vent and express what is in your heart and mind.

After this I will share the following with you:

my methods and what I would recommend going forward

an indication of how many sessions are needed, but not always

my availability and frequency of sessions that suits you

I work on building trust with you and checking if we are a good fit; I will be very clear and direct about what we are going to do, and trust is very important for you to go with my suggestions.

I do prepare you in saying that therapy can be hard, you will feel like stopping many times, you may even get physical symptoms on the day of your session. I ask you to come anyway and promise to hold space for you and all that you feel.

I insist on commitment to your process, consistency and ask you to give it a fair chance. That is the beginning of it!

Free Consultation Call

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